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We are a lean, experiment-based company and always interested in hearing from our customers. Have any new ideas or features you think would help make The Headset App better? Wanna run an experiment with us? Let’s talk! 

how you do sports communications.

We’ve helped thousands of coaches, players, and teams completely rethink how they use communications to gain a competitive edge.
The Headset app displayed on a phone and Apple Watch

Unmatched control.

Now you can choose what works best for your team.

Use the hardware you like

Use earbuds, headsets, or speakers. Bluetooth or wired.

You are not tied down to specific hardware. Pick the devices you prefer.

Stop paying refurbish fees for dated gear.

Flexible options to fit every team

Pricing plans that fit your budget, and the ability to build a plan that fits your team’s needs.

Add up to 6 channels for your team.

Easily add or remove team members.

No more tangled mess

Quick and easy setup. User-friendly features.

Ready for use at practice and games.

Start communicating in seconds. No more 20-minute setups and teardowns.

Experience features and capabilities you won’t find anywhere else.

Seriously simple – no learning curve

Designed from the ground up to be simple to use. 

Opens in seconds so you don’t miss any of the action. 

Eliminate the hassle of old systems with a modern app.

Headset App logo in an outlined style

Instantly switch channels

Easily jump between the channels of your team at the touch of a button. 

See every person in each channel. 

Make announcements with the All Channels button

Quickly and easily mute yourself.

Invite and manage your team

Manage your team in one spot. 

Add a team member by entering their email. Once they accept the invitation, they will be added to your team. 

Easily delete inactive team members.

Add and customize your channels

You can create up to 6 channels for your team. 

Assign each channel any name you wish. 

Remove or edit your existing channels quickly and easily.

Uncontested technology.

Use anywhere while hearing each other more clearly and securely.

Secure Comms

Encrypted and private communication

Ultra HD Audio

Voice clarity like you’ve never heard

Cutting Edge

New features and device support

Infinite Range

Never worry about range limits

Works wherever you do

Seamlessly works on all your devices.

Unrelenting pursuit to serve.

We have helped coaches, players, and teams completely rethink how they use communications to gain an edge. Coaches are coming up with new hacks to improve their practice and game play every day.






Minutes / Month

Some of our unbelievably great customers:

Get started for free in just a few minutes – No credit card required!

1. Install the app

Download and install The Headset App.
Create your account and set up your channels.

2. Invite your staff

Send invites to your coaches and staff – right in the app.

3. Get coaching

Run a few tests with your staff to get a feel for using the app. 
Start using the app at games, practice, and clinics!

Ready to buy?

You have the ability to build a plan that makes sense for your team. We have plans to fit your size and budget – at a fraction of the cost of traditional headset systems.


Have questions?

We get that you may have questions. 

As you consider switching from a traditional headset system, we’re here to help. If you want to learn more about what we offer, someone from our team is looking forward to connecting with you.