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We are a lean, experiment-based company and always interested in hearing from our customers. Have any new ideas or features you think would help make The Headset App better? Wanna run an experiment with us? Let’s talk! 

About The Headset App

Our story starts on the field...

Our founder, Patrick Daberkow, has been a football coach for over 15 years. Five years after being named the Head Coach at Concordia University, Nebraska he was faced with his first headset purchase decision. He had two options 1.) Pay another round of refurbishing fees or 2.) Use hard-earned fundraiser money in a single transaction to purchase a new headset system. He found the same problem so many coaches have experienced: headset systems are expensive and difficult to replace. Convinced there had to be a better way, he assembled a team of innovators to put together a solution built for today’s coach.

The Headset App comes to you as the product of years of development and lean design thinking all pointed at making the experience of communicating in time-critical situations seamless and reliable. We have developed and user-tested our way through hundreds of questions to deliver to you a simple, and effective solution.

By downloading our app and signing up to use our system today, you’ll set your team on a path that puts expensive and difficult hardware systems in your rear view. We’re here to help your team put their time and energy into winning.

Coach Daberkow and other coaches on sidelines have been the guide to our development and design work for The Headset App. Do you have ideas? We’d love to hear them!

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We believe this technology has the ability to change & enable people across all different kinds of sports and industries. We believe this technology has the ability to service the highest level of athletics all the way down to pee wee sports. These markets are just a starting point.


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