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Northwoods League Partnership

May 16, 2024 – The Northwoods League, one of the premier collegiate summer baseball leagues in North America, is excited to announce a new partnership with The Headset App, a leading technology platform that enhances the fan experience with live game insights and interactive features.

This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize how fans engage with the game, offering unprecedented access to real-time statistics, player insights, and interactive features that bring them closer to the action than ever before. The partnership will integrate The Headset App’s innovative technology into the Northwoods League’s game day experience, both in-stadium and for remote viewers.

The Headset App provides a unique platform that delivers live game updates, player statistics, and interactive features such as polls, trivia, and more. Fans can personalize their experience, gaining insights into their favorite players and teams while interacting with other fans in real-time.

“Partnering with The Northwoods League is an exciting opportunity for us,” said Nick Topp, CEO of The Headset App. “Our goal is to transform the way fans experience live sports, and this partnership allows us to bring our innovative technology to a passionate and engaged audience. We look forward to enhancing the game day experience for Northwoods League fans.”

The integration of The Headset App will begin with the upcoming season, with fans able to download the app and start enjoying its features from the first game. This partnership marks a significant milestone in The Northwoods League’s ongoing efforts to leverage technology to enhance the fan experience.

For more information about The Northwoods League and The Headset App partnership, please visit Northwoods League website and The Headset App website.


About The Northwoods League

The Northwoods League is one of the top collegiate summer baseball leagues in North America, featuring the best college players from across the country. Founded in 1994, the league has grown to include 30 teams, providing a platform for players to develop their skills and gain exposure to professional scouts.

About The Headset App

The Headset App is a leading technology platform designed to enhance the fan experience for live sports events. With real-time updates, interactive features, and personalized content, The Headset App brings fans closer to the action, whether they are in the stadium or watching from home.

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